Courses Are State Board Of Cosmetology  Approved.

 Once course is completed you will receive a  Certificate of Completion, State License from the Board of Cosmetology that would allow you to be registered with the State in the course of your choice.




 Hair Braiding is an (16hr) class  


    Body Wrapping is an (12hr) class     



 Hair Braiding and Body Wrapping are done in two day sessions. 


                         Hair Wrapping is an (6hr) class 

 Hair Wrapping done in a one day session.



The course include coverage of the following key elements of the arts:

  • HIV/AIDS and other communicable disease awareness.

  • Sanitation and sterilization.

  • Diseases and disorders of the scalp.

  • Laws and rules effecting the practice of Cosmetology. 


Students will be issued a diploma once course is completed.

The student will then be eligible to register with the Florida department of professional regulation for hair braiding license. The Florida state registration fee is $30.00




                ( Classes Fill Up Fast ).

 You can register Monday-Saturday 9a.m -7p.m

 You can contact: (Training & Certification) 

   @  813-770-8327 for more information.